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We are a Professional IT Support who enjoys building a long-term relationship with businesses who understand and value the importance of IT and are looking to their technology to help their business grow. No matter if your problem is simple or more complex, we are happy to assist and provide you with the most helpful solution at a competitive rate. Our team of highly-skilled, well-trained and experienced IT specialists can custom-design and deploy the right IT solutions. We at ITHelpdesk.co.id provide fast and reliable service to our clients. We provide on-site and remote location consultations.

So if you are getting any problem in your Computer like overheating, slow internet, computer is slow, booting issue, blue screen, dead laptop, motherboard repairing, ram replacement, data crash, data lost, virus and malware issue, and network issue. Just give us a call, ITHelpDesk.co.id experts will give you the full attention to understand the problem which you are facing in your computer. They will raise the ticket within a minute and you will get your Computer repaired in 2 to 3 hours. It is always important to hand over the whole of IT services to the most trusted and reliable Professional IT Support like us. Don't let your productivity suffer due to IT issues.

Our Business

"We partner with you as your Virtual IT Department, allowing you to take the headache out of IT and to focus on running your business and improving your profitability"

Our Services

Hardware Installation and Support

Do you frequently have issues with computers in your organization and need specialists to fix them? When a computer stops working in any office, it just simply creates a chaos and interrupts a line of work. Our support technicians can come to your premises and solve or repair most computer and IT related problems on the spot. We can repair and service PC Desktops, Laptops and Servers that are currently not working properly. We can fix any issue of your computer regardless of its Brand and model and we can even provide replacements if necessary.

Software Installation and Support

Software is an integral part of any operating system. Therefore, there is a need to maintain the software on your system and hence you need the experts at ITHelpDesk.co.id . We offers the the best software support services in the country. We include installation of all kinds of software, software troubleshooting, and software upgrades. If your software is not functioning properly, we can troubleshoot the cause of your problems and return your system run more efficiently and we also make sure that all your software and applications are up-to-date.

Virus and Malware Removal

Are you scared of malware or spyware or viruses entering your computer? Viruses can destroy your computer and corrupt valuable files and data. Therefore, it is really essential to protect your laptops from such viruses. ITHelpdesk.co.id Managed Security Service monitors your system and ensures your business remains protected against potential threats. We provides one of the best virus removal services and firewall solution to its customers that can protect your system from malicious virus at all times. So do not compromise the security of your computer and get it scanned immediately by the experts at ITHelpDesk.co.id .

Data Backup and Data Recovery

A large number of data is stored in your system. What happens if the media in which the data is stored crashes? Do you consider that data lost forever? We offer outstanding data recovery services. Our experts will also recover data from the damaged or corrupted disk and recover your crashed files using advanced methods and procedures. We also offer Managed Backup Service that all appropriate data is backed up, stored securely and easily restored should you need it.

Network Solutions

Internet is not working as you expecting or you could not share your printer and documents to others. Our engineers provide best and reliable networking support services. We could set up wireless or wired computer system tailored to your office or personal requirements so that you can connect multiple devices and share internet connection, scanner, printer, documents and provide remote access to your office, all at one go.

Internet and Email Solutions

Modern office environments rely on increasingly complex arrangements of email, internet, remote data access and portable / handheld web browsing capabilities. We’re up on all the latest gadgets and innovations. More importantly, we have the expertise to combine all these new functionality into a seamless work environment, whether your employees are working in the office or in the field.

"Our core strength is in building trust and providing uncompromising support and service quality to our clients"

Our Value

Fast Response

When problem arises, our engineers will be able offer immediate assistance. Our engineers can typically reach your office and resolve the problem within 1-day. For more complicated issues, Our engineers will inform you and resolved the problem as soon as possible.

Unlimited Services for a Flat Fee

Because we provide unlimited services for a flat monthly fee you no longer have to worry about the risk of exploding costs. Our interest will be aligned to yours as we do not charge you base on service-time; it is now in our interest to prevent problems as much as possible, resolve problems as fast as possible and use permanent solutions wherever possible.

Dedicated Account Manager

We provide you with a dedicated and experienced Account Manager who is responsible for your account and build long-term relationships at all levels and locations. We understand your business and the key challenges you face.

Single Point of Accountability

We provides a single point of accountability and you no longer need to deal with multiple parties as we provide vendor management. We'll deal with your internet service provider, hardware and software provider - you only need to deal with us.

Value for Money

Retainership will help you to reduce your overall cost and an ease in maintaining a unique and same level quality.This way companies (including start ups) can cut down on their operational overheads substantially and also ensure continuity of service as their would be no labour turnover.

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"We work hard behind the scenes so annoying technology issues don’t slow your business down. We specialize in solutions that keep operations running smoothly."

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"When it comes to IT, put your business in safe and secure hands. Fully accredited, highly trained and always ready to help. ITHelpDesk.id is the solution you have been looking for."

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